Hi internet! It’s been a little while.

If you’re here, you’re either part of my mailing list or someone you know sent you here. So first things first – welcome! If for some reason you didn’t sign up for the newsletter, you can do it now so you don’t miss an update!


This website will serve as an archive of the newsletter so if you skip it for a few months and come back it’s easy to find everything.

For those of you who know me, scroll down to the bottom for your link to the Battleship Cathy pdf and enjoy! Thank you for joining me! Next week I’ll be posting a horror / thriller television pilot named “Hill Country” I wrote a few years back that will serve as inspiration for one of the sets of twenty short stories I’ll be writing this year.

We’ll talk about the other world when it’s time.

For this first week, I’m sharing a script I wrote with Zach Weinersmith over at SMBC Comics. Battleship Cathy was a big deal for us. We were blown away by what the Toonhole boys did with our script, and the cartoon ended up being one of the biggest hits of our last season. The script assumes you saw the cartoon, so to refresh:

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the first official download for the Tolmar Stories newsletter: Click here to download the Battleship Cathy webseries pilot script.



16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Welcome back! It’s great to hear from you. The new Cathy is funny stuff, I hope Toonhole is interested in doing a sequel.


  2. Hey James,
    Long time, no see!

    Things got hectic on my end too those past few years and I didn’t actually notice when and why the TSAB updates ended; I was wondering about that just last week and behold! you’re back!

    So, looking forward to your new adventures!


  3. Yay, James is alive!

    SMBC Theater was glorious – perhaps too beautiful for this world. Sparing a glance for what comes next seems like a small price to pay.

    (I might suggest that you clarify “audience” as “people capable of leaving WordPress comments”, if that is in fact what you are seeking.)


  4. Heyyy, welcome back! I’ve been seriously missing SMBC Theater and still occasionally watch sketches from the DVDs I backed on Indiegogo, years ago. Not into horror/thriller much, but I’m going to give it a try.


  5. Still looking forward to seeing what you write next. Your past efforts have convinced me that anything you are willing to post is something worth reading. So, how about a grocery list, or something else that strings words together with a pretense of meaning? Soon? I like to have things to look forward to!


  6. An essay, even one with nearly no information content, on why this shiny new blog has gone silent would be worth reading. So would your musings on whatever you wanted to muse about. Give us something to read and we will give you affirmations! Deal?


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