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For those of you who know me, scroll down to the bottom for your link to the Battleship Cathy pdf and enjoy! Thank you for joining me! Next week I’ll be posting a horror / thriller television pilot named “Hill Country” I wrote a few years back that will serve as inspiration for one of the sets of twenty short stories I’ll be writing this year.

We’ll talk about the other world when it’s time.

For this first week, I’m sharing a script I wrote with Zach Weinersmith over at SMBC Comics. Battleship Cathy was a big deal for us. We were blown away by what the Toonhole boys did with our script, and the cartoon ended up being one of the biggest hits of our last season. The script assumes you saw the cartoon, so to refresh:

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy the first official download for the Tolmar Stories newsletter: Click here to download the Battleship Cathy webseries pilot script.